Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here's where I wanted to go today!

I wanted to go to the Holiday Open House of Jen and her sister in Lyons, Oregon. Good luck today, girls, it looks like fun with the "make and takes" and everything!  Although I've never been there, I know it can't be TOO far.  Yes, the shoulder.  I have propped it up and put heat on it (for the jillionth time) and it better cooperate!  I know I can't solder or do any art right now, but seriously I'd like to be able to drive more than 4 miles at a time!  It's getting to be that time of year, with all of the cool shows coming up!  If I can't be in them, I at least want to see them!  I'll give you a round up of all the ones I know about tomorrow. 

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  1. Sheila,
    These pictures are absolutely adorable. They remind me of when my girls were little and we us to go to Sauvie Island pumpkin patch. Make and Take sounds fun. Rest that arm dear celtic friend, Erin

  2. Hi Sheila....I'm so glad you found me too, because that way I "found" you as your workk and hope the shoulder gets better....pain that interferes with creating is the worst! xojana

  3. Hi Sheila! Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving sweet comments, for now I have found your blog. I shall be back to peruse further and see what you are up to. Love the photos of your sweet grandboy and neighbor. Real keepers! Take care of your shoulder; I know that the waiting for normalcy can seem like forever, but know that you'll be back up and crafting before you know it. In the meantime, surf blogland and keep records of inspiration and ideas ~ Angela

  4. Oh boy! I hope your shoulder heals soon! Really really too bad I'm not there. I'd haul you to the car, plug that heating pad into the cig. lighter, and we'd be off! I could drive if you could guide. Oh well.....

  5. Sad to have missed the fun too! We went south to work on the house, now I need to rest my painting arm!


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