Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last Cute Punkin' Picture, I promise!

Hi!  Just indulge me with one more "punkin" photo, and that's it (for sure)!
Here is Brock this year at Halloween (well, a few weeks ago).  We don't live close enough to see him on the actual "day" so we always make do with our celebrations around the date/s seasons and Holidays.  Hasn't he grown a lot from the Lion costume in 2003?  

He is in first grade now and played t-ball over the summer.  NOW he is playing basketball.  You know, this "school" and "activity" business has seriously cut into my Grandparent time!  It used to be so easy to go pick him up and bring him  home for a few days.  I'm happy about what he is doing and that he is having so much fun, but seriously, what harm would it do to have a few more "overnight"   field trips to Mimi and Papa's house?  We'd teach him a lot, I promise.  I know, I know.  We have to make do.  We'll go to see his basketball game next weekend and take him to lunch or something, but unless we inherit some stock in a hotel chain, we'll have to continue coming home without him during sports seasons.  Anyway, he wanted his picture taken with the pumpkin "guts" so here he is in all of his glory.  (Oh, and he's holding the sample picture he drew before we carved)...

We love you, Brock!

Mimi and Papa

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