Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh! More from Last Weekend!

I forgot to mention that during my flurry of show visits last weekend I also paid a visit to Charlotte's Brocante opening show in Canby, Oregon. Everything in her show was purchased by her in France!! Yes, she went on a 2 week French Flea Market shopping adventure! (Can you imagine)? Fun! Anyway, I got there on Saturday, and her opening night was Friday. Apparently, the anticipation was amazing, and the customers on Friday night "shopped her to the bare walls!" What a way to go though, huh? I was able to find a few very nice things. I'll show you a pic of one find soon, as it is a birthday present and I don't want to give the secret away.

As you know, my wonderful husband and visiting (ahem), photographer was with me on the fun outings on Saturday, so he took the pictures!

The top picture (of the vintage pharmacy box) is from (Amy) Charlotte's Brocante blog.  I actually got the last of these cute little boxes.

Thanks Amy, it was charming!!

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  1. Hi Sheila, thanks for finding and visiting me and leaving me such a nice comment! It not only made my day but it means I could find you too!
    Great Brocante shopping! Love the little box.

  2. You're kidding! Charlotte's was in Canby, Oregon!!! That's my home town and I didn't even know. Wow - I'll have to start watching her blog and be sure to catch her next event. It would have been such fun to see you there! Hope you're doing much better and mending well. ~Adrienne~

  3. I am spending a little time this morning finding interesting new blogs or revisiting some of my favorites. Beautiful things. Thanks for sharing them.


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