Monday, November 16, 2009

Exciting News from My Friend Denise!

Omigosh! You might know about one of my best blog friends in the whole universe... Denise of Bella Dreams.  She posted such wonderful news today!!   Her daughter Heather is one of the most talented furniture painting artists ever!  (Seriously, you must look at her Shutterfly photos).  Every time I see another one of her projects, I want to drive straight to Oklahoma to get it!  (Well, Oklahoma and Oregon are quite the distance apart, but Denise and I speak of flying to see one another and just go junking for the entire visit).  Anyway...  if I were rich I would buy every one of Heather's furniture pieces.  (Guess I'll need a huge house to enjoy it all too, because Heather is one productive young women!  Sheesh!  Again, I digress!!

What I'm trying to tell you in all of my bumbling excitement and goose bumping glory that Heather has won FIRST PLACE in the painted category in the "Oh la la" contest at Chez Fifi!  I don't want to steal her thunder, so please go to the links to see Heather's fabulous before and after winning entry!  Isn't it the most awesome thing you've ever seen?  Denise and Heather have a space at an Antique Market called "The Rink" and it is a former skating rink!  Doesn't that sound like fun???  You'll have to peruse their blog to check out all of the beautiful work they do!  I want to go to the Rink now (in person) don't you)?!

Also, Heather's design portfolio here is also on their blog.  (Lucky Peach, isn't that the cutest name)?

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p.s. Denise is the friend whose blog button has been on my sidebar awhile... she is having a Holiday Blog and Decorating and Craft party December 5th!


  1. Thanks for stopping by Sheila. Hope everything is going well with you. I'm having a Holiday Sale out at Kraemer's Market the first weekend in December. Let me know if you want to be on my mailing list and get a postcard.

    Take care,


  2. Wow, how great is that for her. Well done.


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