Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Projects from the Beach Art Retreat by Terri Brush.

You've all heard my sad songs about my shoulder injury, yada yada yada. I was able to complete a few projects there, and I made a paper clay doll who I need to finish dressing and then I'll show her to you.

Hear are 2 of the things I did at Terri's Retreat in Manzanita.  I'm no stranger to soldering, so I pushed through to finish these.  I'm happy with them, especially considering....

The one on the left has vintage faux pearls inside (hey... maybe they are real!) and a chandelier crystal for the top.  The one on the right has a cross on top (I made a little crown for the cross to sit on).  Inside are mica pieces (thanks, Lonnie) a few tiny seashells, and vintage text curled up which says "she always had a kind smile for us." sealed inside.

We all made little gifts to exchange with everyone there (what fun)! Here is what Natalie did! Isn't she so clever!?

It is chocolate treats (all 3 kinds of m&ms sewn between 2 vintage book pages), a piece of vintage seam binding and the words "Emergency Chocolate" stamped on with ink!  So much fun! 

More soon!

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  1. Hi Sheila,
    You bottles are wonderfull, and your soldering perfect.
    And I love the emergency packet you got as gift.

  2. Love the chocolate!! I'm glad you can work with your shoulder. I just got to where I don't have pain everyday (4 mths) My left arm still goes numb if I lean on it but not as bad. Shoulders are too important to do without!! Have your chocolate your bottles are great!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. I love, love, love the bottles! They are beautiful! You have SO much talent. Take good care of you and that stinkin' shoulder.

    Love You!

  4. absolutely beautiful. i have heard about terri's workshop at the beach house....looks amazing. just became a follower of your blog, jules

  5. Pretty bottles and wish I had the emergency chocolates tonight cause I went to to many meetings today. Would much prefer craft meetings.

  6. Hi Sheila..
    Oh your pictures make me want to go BACK!... camp 2 ya KNOW.. hint hint... I miss you and hope that shoulder is doing much better.. Hugs Terri.. Tell Mrs Joy Hello for me too..

  7. Hi Sheila,
    Love those bottles, I'm really into altered bottles right now. I know you enjoyed that weekend, how awesome to go somewhere like that. I love the little packet of treats made from book pages. I'm always interested in presentation. It's better than the actual gift sometimes. Lisa


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