Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little Silliness is in Order!

*Disclaimer: any similarities of this doll to the likeness of Earnest Borgnine is purely a coincidence and should be attributed to "artist inexperience."

Hey, not everyone has to look like a princess...

You remember me talking about the amazing Art Camp art retreat with Terri Brush.  It was so very awesome and one of the most enjoyable few days ever.  (except for my untimely and tragic shoulder injury... surgery March 11th). ANYWAY... one of the class projects was making a doll with fabric and paper clay.  I'm generally not a "doll person" (except for small porcelain old broken ones or their body parts, please don't judge me). :)

We sculpted the heads with Terri's help, and she also included a little skirt with each kit.  It was actually a lot of -FUN- and I'm going to do another one someday!  I've been waiting to show you her pics, because I'm not quite finished with her yet, but there's no time like the present!  She has a name of course and a title!  Please meet "Katarina the Ballerina, just a little past her prima."

She has a raggedy underskirt from decades of dancing, and she's no spring chicken.

She doesn't really like "close ups" but she's making an exception just this once.  The skirt with the kit was pink and brown plaid, so I painted her dress top to coordinate.  What's that?  Plaid with dots, you ask?  Yes, a woman of her age and um... experience can wear whatever she wants.  I found the cute vintage button for her "belt buckle." 

Joy twisted up some silver wire "tiaras" for us to use, so I embellished Katarina's with pearls.  (She would also like you to note not only the matching pearl necklace and bracelet, but also the pearl detail on the top of her lace topped knee-his.  (I pulled apart some old jewelry for these).

Isn't Terri amazing?  To think up all of these classes, and to be good at so many skills, including teaching, she is very talented (and in my case, very patient).

Terri has also become a very good friend over this past year, even before the Art Retreat.  And guess what?  She is a very sought after instructor whom people fly all over the states to teach.  She also has workshops at her gorgeous home in Chehalis, Washington.  You really should check out her class offerings... she has something for everyone at every level.  AND guess what?  She is having another Beach Retreat!  They are an amazing time at a very good price and to be around fun, like-minded women having fun is just something every "girl" should experience sometime.  (I'll be barely "post-op" during the next one, but I'm sure going try to go if she has another one again).  If you haven't read my posts about the amazing time we had and the amazing things we did, please have a look.

She even taught me how to use a TORCH to make jewelry!  (I know, a scary thought)!  Terri is a well known papier mache artist too, she is quite the artist with an amazing repertoire.  She is also tireless and has energy  like I've never seen!

Joy and I are going to another of Terri's classes at her house very soon (before I'm forced to rest and recover my rotator cuff).  I'll tell you all about the class we're taking soon!

Thank you, Terri!  I love and admire you.  (And so does Katarina)!

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  1. Oh Sheila - That doll is a riot! She looks like I feel some days but I'm afraid I'm not as chic as she! You did such a good job and yes, it's time for you to share some laughs and silliness with us. We love it when you laugh! I've got to find a dress like that one! Take care, my friend. Keep laughing. It helps a lot. ~Adrienne~

  2. That is so CUTE!!!! I love it. She would brighten anyone's day. Jan

  3. Oh NO the DOLLLLSSSSSS. LOL that was a riot, wish we had a group picture of them all on the beach , some were quite SLEEZY in swim suits!.. cannot wait to see you Joy soon... Hugs

  4. Good luck with your shoulder and I love your doll and the attitude that we can do what ever we please when we hit that right of passage.

  5. Katerina is adorable! You were so lucky to go to Terri's beach retreat. I will be attending one of her workshops in March and I couldn't be more thrilled. Hope your weekend is great and lets get together soon for more creating.



  6. Oh my goodness! She is so CUTE! I have been wanting to try my hand at the paper clay dolls because I love them so. Just haven't had time yet. Yours is darling and I'm happy to see that you are enjoying her. I know you're not looking forward to that surgery, but I'm happy to hear that you are getting that shoulder taken care of!

  7. This is fabulous, makes me want to learn how to make one! Of course I don't sew worth a dang; but there's always my trusty glue gun....

  8. What a loveable doll! The kind that can brighten anyone's day :+D
    Best wishes with your surgery. Hope you recover quickly.

  9. The doll is a lot of fun! I bet she makes you smile every time you look at her.

  10. did you HANG her from the cabinet?? pooooor katarina...
    she's fun, i should photograph her LOL

  11. Hi Sheila, just wanted to let you know that I left an award for you on my blog-the Sunshine Award.....
    Please stop by my blog to accept it.

  12. Hi Shelia - just wanted to stop in and say hello! Hope all is wel!! xo!

  13. How fun! She looks beautiful! :)
    I don't think I could ever make a face.


  14. OMG Terri told me about this class I your doll!!! I lOVE her to death she has the funniest, cutest ,whimsical face in the world !!!!! Super job! Hope you make more !

  15. I think she is just fabulous! She looks like my great Aunt Sarah!!!!LOL!!! Really she is great and I have really enjoyed looking around your blog. We have many of the same blog friends in our sidebar!!! Have a great week!

    My Desert Cottage

  16. Katerina seems to have a unique personality that makes her come to life! What a wonderful project. I hope you can make her some girl friends when you are feeling better.....

  17. Love her! My silly, cinnamon bun haired gal, Harriet, is still missing a few parts! But, she (and her parts) watch over me as I make stuff!! Wish you were coming to April Art Camp!


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