Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tres Chic Bedrooms from Marie Claire Maison

Oh how I love Marie Claire Idees magazine from France. I've loved it for YEARS and I did have a subscription for just one year several years ago. I devoured every issue. It's all in French though, so I could understand maybe every third (or twentieth) word. The eye candy was enough unless I saw a project I really wanted to try! Anyway, it was expensive, so I could no longer carry on with that obsession.  I DO miss it so, and I find myself wandering over to their site once in awhile.  It's not the same as holding the large magazine, smelling the pages, feeling the quality of paper as you turn the page, and to be able to tuck it under your arm  and take it to bed to have a relaxing read peek at the yummy ideas.

Marie Claire Maison, their home publication is pretty wonderful too!  I would love to pore through the pages of every issue of this one too!

This isn't exactly a restful room, but it is cool, and I do love the headboard especially.

This one is totally different (I think it's more restful, but not quite as chic)... but uber cool factor, dont'cha think?

I love this storage piece, I've always wanted one of these or a library card catalog!  (I could do without the scary pirate/clown guy though.


The wall is interesting (wonder what it's made of?), and I like the mannis, but I could do without the brooms...

Wow, can you imagine?  It would be like sleeping outside.  Look at the ceiling, I love that part!

This one reminds me of my favorite Fairy Tale... Princess and the Pea.

Here is a very cool teen room

Pure peace

And I wouldn't normally think of this one as "my style", but I'm loving it!  Peaceful and beautiful.  I'll have one of those, please!

Thank you Marie Claire Maison!  I think I feel a nap coming on!

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