Monday, February 15, 2010

"Let Them Eat Cake!"

It isn't even my birthday month yet, and in the past two weeks I've had 2 parties! This beautiful cake was given to me by my friend and sweet neighbor (and surrogate daughter) Beth, (also known as Owen's Mama).  This is Owen below, sporting his "Helloooooooooo, Ladies!" look, in his handsome farmer outfit.

Beth has a friend who bakes cakes and she had her bake me this cake as an early birthday present!  Isn't it pretty?  It was yummy too!  She brought this to me last week while our son Adam and his beautiful fiancee were here to visit. Wasn't that so sweet of her? She also took engagement photos of Adam and Kristen! Beth is quite the wonderful photographer! I can't show you the pics yet, I have to send them to Colorado tomorrow to get the bride's approval for the "official ones" and then I will share.

We had 3 cakes that evening! We had one from the celebration of our Grandson's birthday the previous day, this beautiful one from Beth, and a yummy Poppyseed bundt cake made by sweet Joy. Joy is one of my most wonderful friends in the whole world. She has so many talents, and has agreed to be the Wedding Planner for Adam and Kristen's wedding in August.  She makes the yummiest things! 

Then yesterday  My brothers and husband made my Mom and I a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner.  It was so sweet of them.  They even got us Valentine's chocolates and flowers!  2 of my brothers and I have birthdays in early March, so for "old time sake", my Mom wanted to "do our birthdays" together.  It was fun, we shared a cake (as we did when we were young), sang Happy Birthday to each other and opened cards from my Mom.  It was very sweet.   My brothers were here from all over the Country to see my Mom.  It was a very precious time together.  They all left today and it was hard to say good bye.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.  

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  1. How fun is that to celebrate your birthday early. I say stretch it out as long as you can. Florence

  2. Wow that was such a pretty cake, I love the color.
    I second the motion- stretch it out as long as you can!

  3. Beautiful cake- and gorgeous baby too. I'm all for stretching your birthday for as long as possible1

  4. I really envy the talent it takes to make a cake look like that AND taste good. Keep on celebrating!

  5. It just dawned on me that the cake was purple and I was thinking about the poem "When I Am Old..." I'm pretty sure that wasn't a subtle message from Beth... Especially worried as I am older than you and I haven't even thought about wearing purple yet! I am so glad to be your friend, I am thinking there will probably never be a more emotional time in your life, hope I can "be there" for you during the "ups & downs" that will no doubt be coming in the next months.
    Love you lots!

  6. I'm teary, Shelia.....a beautiful cake for a beautiful woman. You have the kindest heart! Your blog is a reflection of love and kindness. You inspire us to be more unselfish. Thanks for sharing this sweet post about your loving family and friends. Big hug!


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