Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How Cute Can They Be?

Can you stand how cute these little girlys are? Oh my gosh! These photos were taken by my friend, next door neighbor, favorite photographer and adopted daughter Beth! (She isn't really adopted, I'm just pretending... I'd love her to be my daughter though)! She is a great Mama and a wonderful photographer! Aren't these babies darling?? Beth did a shoot with them using one of my brand new (but old) chairs! I was going to take a photo of them to show you. They are a gift, and I adore them! I'll tell you about that tomorrow. I just couldn't wait to show you these little dolls in the precious tutus! 

Oh and the cutie in the 2nd picture (above in the red & white tutu) is the daughter of our former next door neighbors (we built a home few lots over from our old house).  (We're just a neighborly bunch around here, I guess)!  Wonderful people, we are very blessed!

Photography by: Beth Stafford Photography
Tutus by:  Sassy Heart Tutus
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