Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Aforementioned Lamps

Here are the lamps I promised to show you a few posts ago.  The picture is kind of bright (go figure...) but if you look hard enough, you can tell they are aqua, which means they are perfect for our bedroom.  They are the ones I got for $12.99 apiece at Big Lots!  I love to go there.  We only have one in Salem now, they closed the big, cool one.  Anyway... I used to be much luckier there in the past, but once in awhile I find something.  There were only 2 aqua ones, I felt SO lucky!  Most of their things are a lot more expensive than they used to be, but if ya look closely... well, you know...

They are a birthday present from my Mom, and while out and about that day I had enough birthday money leftover to buy 2 of my fave Somerset publications!  I soooooo love them, don't you?  One of them I devoured the same  day, and the other one I put away to save as a treat for myself after all of our company was gone.  Even though it's been a wonderful month full of family I adore, it was good to be able to be "off" for a little while.
So, I was going to settle in with my saved lusciousness!  Then, you guessed it... Um, I apparently put it in a -very- safe and clever place because now I can't find it.  Send me to the geriatric ward.  (Or better yet, a spa)...  At least I know I'll have a fun surprise waiting for me sometime, somewhere!

Anyway, in the pics below I would like to tell you that I purposely did them all differently with new fangled applications on my fancy camera.

Yeah, that would be a fib.  I took them all within the same 2 minutes with the same clunky camera on the same old setting (I think).  I'm a little jealous flabbergasted in awe of you girls with your gorgeous pics.  (Just not jealous or interested enough to ever want to learn that technical stuff myself).  So, I'll keep posting  my "clunkers" 'cause I know you get my drift!

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  1. I think your magazine and my X-acto knife must have left town together! Lamps are cute. Where was the Odd Lots that closed? I've only been to the one on Lancaster. Haven't stopped in a while, I'll have to do that, ya' never know.

  2. I love your photos, keep them coming. Florence

  3. aww i'll take magazine pics for you :) :)

  4. I love your photos too, hy husband really wants to get me an i-phone or a new camera for my birtday, and I have to say that I think I'd rather spend the money on flowers for the garden. So, I'll be continuing to take picts with my clunky old camera too. As long as it still works, it'll work for me;)

  5. I am drooling over those lamps. They are gorgeous!

  6. Love your lamps. Love the whole arrangement on your dresser and on your wall. Don't know where my head's been either. I just noticed today that I have a couple of e-mails from you that I haven't even opened! DUH!

  7. Hi Shelia - I have a blog that you commented on back in October - I never wrote you back because... ah, because I am so not a BLOGGER - i really want to be, but I guess I'm not.

    You had mentioned that my link didn't work to "follow me" - and I didn't even know that until recently. LOL!! i need to get back to posting... i may even just start from scratch, since I've not done a very good job at this one. How do you find time to update yours? Any advice? My blog is


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