Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break with Brock

So hard to believe he is just 7! What fun we had! Laughing, coloring, "arting" (as he calls it), running errands together and a movie. He was such an angel and so much fun!

Some of it was "messy" fun...

But fun is fun, no matter what you're doing!

We also went to see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3-D.  We thought it was awesome! We came home and created "Mad Hatter" pictures all evening.  Brock is very artistic!  :)
My favorite quote was:

"The Hatter put his hands on his hips; his gaze was accusing. "You're not the same as you were before," he said. You were much more... muchier... you've lost your muchness," he finished, nodding as if that made perfect sense.
"My muchness?"
He crouched and poked her in the stomach with his finger. "In there," he said. "Something's missing." 

Sometimes I think I've lost my "muchness", but then I see that it is still there... just coming out in different ways...  ("alternative routes suggested," perhaps).  I used to think I was losing my "muchness" but now I see, it's still there but shows up differently. That's fine, as long as I have it (and even if I am the only one who can see it).

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  1. So glad you hada good time Sheila. Hope all is going well with you lately.

    Take care,


  2. I don't think you ever lose your muchness, sometimes it just hides and you have to look in new places to find it.


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