Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paris Rags... created by a Most Talented and Precious Lady!

Could you just die over this?  I know, me too!  Guess what?!  It belongs to me! Aren't I a lucky girl?  I don't know how I found Kimberly of Paris Rags and Shabby Rose Studio, but I am so glad (and blessed) that I did!  If you go to her site at Shabby Rose Studio, don't forget to go to also look at her clothing at Paris Rags. You can also get to it from her blog.  It is under Romantic Clothing and then Queen's Originals.  Or look at everything, you'll have so much fun looking at Kim's things!  She uses vintage linens and lace in most of her pieces, so they are very special!

You can barely see the pants below the blouse, but after I bought the blouse and it arrived, I saw what beautiful fabric and quality it was so I had to order the "bloomers".  I love the outfit and I'm wearing it to a wedding in a few weeks!  

Speaking of weddings... Kim is also making my dress for our son's wedding in August!  I am so excited and would never have chosen anyone else.

Oh yes, and Kim personally DYES the clothing she makes, and of her pieces are made with vintage linens and lace.  I'm still swooning even though I've had this a little while.  I had it hanging in my bedroom for the longest time, just for me to look at and enjoy.  Kim's clothing is really couture and you will love it.  The prices are also very reasonable.

I always wish I were thin, but ohhhh this dress below makes me wish it so much more!
Thank Heavens she makes them in Women's sizes too!

Thank you Kim, so much!
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  1. wowwy! she's got some talent hasnt she!

    thanks for sharing!



  2. OH WOW, these are gorgeous- I WANT one too.....;)
    Btw, thanks for posting, I've been thinking about you a lot lately and hoping things have been going more smoothly for you:)

  3. CUTE stuff! Thanks for sharing. These are right up my alley for sure. I hope things are going okay for you?

  4. Ok so glad I popped in, wondered how you were doing. I posted to you a while back but didn't hear from you wondered if you and your mom are OK.

  5. Beautiful. I bet your dress for the wedding will be gorgeous!

  6. I love all the ruffles on the clothes.


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