Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Little Girl Has it Going On! Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

Oh my gosh, what more do you need than an attitude like this? Jessica is my new hero (ok, heroine)!

I saw this video of Jessica on the Sugar Sugar blog (which I also love) and just had to share it with you.

Have a great day! (How could you miss after seeing this)?

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  1. I want some of whatever they're feeding this kid! ROFL!!!

  2. How did I miss this post? The end of the school year's always really hectic around here.....I'm just glad I saw it- I could use some of that daily inspiration, myself:)

  3. Thanks for this, great way to start the day :)
    I was reading your post about your mom too and I hope you are not having a very hard time, although it is hard to see your parents like this.
    Sending you healing, strength vibes :)

  4. i LOVE this! hahaha
    thinking i need to do this every day :)


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