Sunday, January 27, 2008

I believe

The photos above are of a journal I made in Pam Garrison's journal class at Art Fest last year. Pam is such a talented lady, pretty and gentle too. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge, and doesn't hold back any special tips or "secrets". It was so interesting and we even learned to bind our books sewing them by hand with an awl and bookmakers thread.

In my journal I used my Grandfather's picture with his siblings as I had in the class the day before. In the photo, my Grandpa was standing with his brothers and sisters in Ireland, in front of their school which was across the road from their house. In front of them, there was a chalkboard with a darling little poem written on it. While I was pasting the picture on my project, I noticed the date on the chalkboard. It was March 29, 1911. On March 29, 2007 I was in that first class the day before, using the same photo for my "Wild Irish Rose" project. So that meant that on that very same date, 96 years earlier the photo was taken! Here I was all these years (and 2 generations hence) making something meaningful of my Grandfather's image.

I hope that 96 years after a photo of me was taken that one of my Grandchildren finds it so precious to them, that they want to "make something of it."


  1. wow, that is really powerful! One of those meant to be sorta times... I really love the project and hope you will share with our "art group" how to...

  2. So happy to find your blog! Love your book from Pam's class and your amazing doll from Sally Jean's class!

  3. I wanna see Grandfather's picture--please---i love old photos where you know who they are--it makes them so much more special!
    brenda bliss


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