Friday, February 29, 2008

Birthday Surprises!

My birthday is coming up and when I got to work today the girls surprised me with muffins, fruit, and gifts. Aren't they dollies? They also gave me the beautiful chandelier picture, darling pill box, and post-it note pads. They know me so well, (that I am a smarty pants), and that I loved and admired that chandelier picture. Remember my guest bath? There is also a black and white toile shower curtain in there, won't it look cute hanging in that room?

I went shopping for my birthday on my lunch hour yesterday. I bought this cute purse and... (drum roll, please)... a big girl wallet. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is. I had an unfortunate emotional experience early in my life which involved a wallet I had. ANYWAY (I digress, often!), for years I haven't carried a "real" full sized wallet. I had a coin purse and a separate little zipper pouch for id and credit cards. So to my life coach and dear friend Nina and to myself I say "TA DA!" Onward and upward!

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