Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Treasures from Near and Far (And Some in a Jar)

No,I have not channeled Dr. Seuss, but I know you were wondering! I'm just a little silly from getting less than 3 hours sleep last night. I don't know why. You know how you say to yourself "Ok, if I go to sleep right now I'll get 4hours sleep... no, 3 hours, nope, but NOW I can still get 2 good hours of solid sleep... GO!" Why do we torture ourselves like that? Good thing I'm usually okay in the sleep department.

So, I've been saying for a month that I would be posting the treasures that I picked up at little antique places in Camas, WA, some in Astoria and thrift stores around here in Salem. There are a few from my dear friends shows... (Joy and Cindy), and a few gifts. One of the gifts is the beautiful platter with aqua and pink roses which was a birthday present from Joy. Thank you my Joy! (You can click photos to enlarge).

Above the platter and the cool black & white tin letters are some little packets of buttons from my son Adam's precious girlfriend Kristen, (also for my birthday) and they are old and very cool. Can you believe how she "gets me" already? {sigh}. She and Adam also got me a gift card to Michaels! They so know me, don't they?

See the cracked dollie heads and the other cool old stuff? I've been whining about never being able to find any rolls of vintage wallpaper, and as you can see Cindy, I finally did snag one!

I could go on forever describing every little thing, where I got it and what deals I got on the hunt, but I don't want to bore you!

The only thing not pictured are my drawers, which I left at Joy's! Rest assured, I'll post those babies when I retrieve them from her place!


  1. I'm having an OMG! moment!!!!! I stopped by to thank you for you comment you left me on my blog and WOW I can't believe my eyes!!!!!! Your blog is FaNtAsTiC!!!! Where have you been hiding!!!!!! Oh my...Sorry, I can't say enough about your blog!!!!!! Welp, gonna get going I can see I'm going to be here awhile!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  2. Wow....you got some beautiful goodies! That platter is gorgeous. And isn't it nice when our loved ones really know us and manage to give us things we like! Your son and his girlfriend seem to know you pretty darned good!

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! Those little dollie heads are almost as hard to find as the vintage wallpaper!!!

  4. Looks like you had a great time ! I love it when we have trips like that!

  5. Yes, you have some mighty fine treasures my friend!! Still planning on Monday..

  6. Hey Sheila! We are officially linked!! It was great meeting you at Joy's and we really appreciate your kind words about our blog. :o) Now that we know "where you live"...we will be stopping by for lots of visits!!

  7. Hi Sheila, Thanks for the visit - I see you are up to creating too - such fun!
    p.s. the sparkly bits around the perfume label are crafting rhinestones - they are fairly flat so they don't affect the glass. :)



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