Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time to Think

Do you ever feel out of sorts? What does that mean, exactly? I don't know, but I think I'm feeling it now. I think it might partially be an emotional thing that you can also feel physically. It isn't terribly bad exactly, but not good either. Kind of "off kilter" in some ways. I may be spiritually thirsty, and need some alone time too. Know what I mean? Time to hear myself think, to clear out old stuff.

So many people close to me are having serious struggles right now, and all of it makes me worry, and fret, and become overwhelmed. Know what I mean?? I want to go on a retreat or something, to some classes, a trip alone, a spa, an isolated location... Something like that. Can't put my finger on it.

Maybe I need more time on "the hill" again. When we first moved here and I wasn't working, I walked the Abbey hill almost everyday. It was good for me physically, mentally, emotionally and of course spiritually. Sometimes I was given answers to the questions I started out with that day. (Seriously). Guess I need to make time and make myself GO! Therein my Darlings, lies the problem. (I think)...


  1. Yes my friend I do know what yu mean, sorry I have been so busy getting ready for Farm Chicks. I would love to be with you, I guess that wouldn't really help you be alone though.. But it also helps at some point to share with those that love and adore you, so you know your not alone!!
    Count me in.
    Hugs to you

  2. Darling, you come for a visit to our place when you get a chance. J & J, the gardens, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep and farm-life might help clear your mind...just a little, at least. :o) We are sending you very positive energy.

    J & J

  3. Oh Oh Sheila (Do you remember that song?) So Sorry to hear you are at am empass...I am sure you will find your path...we are all here for you whenever you need us...sometimes just talking about it helps and maybe even a little road trip by yourself will clear out the cobwebs (or just emerse youself in your artwork)...Much love...Cindy


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