Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bee-Leave it!

Good grief, hard to believe! This is actually a fire hydrant! It has tens of thousands of bees swarming on it. It was clearly a sight to see, so they called DH out to see it. I told him to grab the camera as he was heading out the door.

Once the bee keeper arrived, he brought out his boxes which contained something that attracted the bees to go inside. The next photo is of the bee keeper -sans bee keeper outfit- shoveling them into the box. I'm not kidding! Click on the photo and you can see him shoveling them in. Other bees were swarming around the spectators ('er... law enforcement) and they were apparently not in danger of being stung. The bee keeper said that they don't sting while they are swarming. I think we'll go buy some local honey tomorrow. It kind of makes you want to learn more about them too. Stay tuned!

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