Friday, June 6, 2008

What Do You See?

I know we're all different. Some people might see an old door here. Put together with parts of other things, old paint peeling off, old board mounted to the bottom, and basically it could be just a piece of junk you'd never take a second look at.

I see a gorgeous piece of furniture in my bedroom. It has history and rich colors, a testiment to the many lives and moods it has been touched by. It basically was a bunch of "nothing" but putting the pieces together made it something beautiful.

If you are my friend or family, I promise that I see you in the best light, and that odd habits or quirks just endear you to me more. I don't care if you are absent minded, if you forget details, if you leave the cupboard door open or the top off the toothpaste. I love you exactly how you are, and your history and "mileage" in life just make you more beautiful.


  1. Shelia...
    What a wonderful surprise to see you here today and what a heartfelt post...I see love within that door...
    Blessings to you!!

  2. Sheila, this is beautifully presented and beautifully spoken. I, too, see love in that door, and appreciation, harmony and peace. Are you aware that what you see in others is often what they see in you? How beautiful you are!



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