Thursday, June 12, 2008

Of Course, still busy doing charms!

I love doing my collage charms! Good thing because they take forever! I'm probably way too persnickety about the words and ideas that I want them them to portray. I'm not showing most of them because they are custom orders, with personal photos of my client's families, but here is one of the last batch I just sold this week, and then another of my Grandson ("cute as a button"). I have 30 more in the works right now, all of my own design. It's always so much fun to see which ones people choose and the reasons. Very sentimental, I love it.

I just love the glitter. So yummy it kind of makes you want to jump in and roll around in it! Don't do that though, because it is GLASS glitter and could injure you! Better just to stand back and admire it from a distance. Our friend Diane of Molly Mo's (who by the way is having her summer show on June 28th in Sublimity) saw a quote recently that said something like this: "I was on my way to save the world, but something sparkly caught my eye!" isn't that great? I love it.

Joy and Cindy just returned from Farm Chicks where they are vendors. They did wonderfully and had a great time too. Seriously, they work so hard getting ready, packing, getting all the way up there, selling and getting back that they are exhausted! Their spaces were darling, just have a look at their blogs!


  1. Those are very cute charms, i wonder if mine is from you? It has a rose on the from, and says be mine on the back...sound familiar? Keep up on the charms, they're fun to look at =D

  2. Hello~I'm doing a happy dance over those charms! They are brilliant!!

    You are certainly on a roll here!!
    Did I mention that these are FABULOUS!

  4. Love your charms! You do a beautiful job. Happy Day!


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