Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stricken by Computer Tragedy!

Ugh. It finally happened to me... The dreaded broken computer. I had a few days notice, it had been acting up. At least I was able to notify some of my friends and family that if they didn't hear from me via email, that was the reason. Jinx. Thankfully we backed everything up before its untimely demise.

So, how am I doing this now? Well, I had my DH come into his office on his day off so that I could do this post. The "blog must go on!" Joy offered me the use of her computer to catch up, but I've been sooooooooo busy I didn't have a chance to get over there yet. (And when I do, my husband knows that when I'm at Joy's "be right back" means several hours).

On to bigger issues! The giveaway!! As promised, the drawing was last night, (DH was the master of that ceremony) and the winner is: Laura Ingalls Gunn of the blog "Decor to Adore! Congratulations, Laura I love your blog! I've emailed you(from Hub's office). Please respond with your mailing address and choice of pictures! Hurray!

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