Monday, September 15, 2008


I'm sorry if this is sacrilege, but Hallelujah and Thank Heavens! Whew, I am finally "out of the woods", the long awaited computer arrived this afternoon! It is sooooooooooo pretty and so fast! The keys require hardly any touch at all, and it is beautiful!

When the DHL guy delivered it I was jumping up and down (even though I was in my pink, green and aqua polka-dot sweat pants with the NOT matching blue paisley t-shirt). The poor guy was probably horrified because I didn't realize that in my haste to get dressed before he gave up on the doorbell, and left without delivering my prize, I put "said pants" on backwards without realizing. Sooo, when I turned around to place the box on the table so I could sign for it, I surely showed him the HUGE BOW on the rear of my pants which obviously goes in front. I was too happy to be mortified. Maybe I reminded him of his own kooky Mom sometime when SHE was making a fool of herself too!

I opened the box, but only went as far as looking at the manuals, because I thought I should save the glorious unveiling for DH to share with me. (Besides, I was on my way to take my Mom to the Dr.) YES, I changed my drawers first, thank you! Don't you think it was sweet and sensitive of me to choose the green (my 2nd fav color) instead of the pink which we all know would have been my first choice?

So here it is in all of it's "spring green" glory. Hmmm. I can breathe again. (My email isn't set up yet, I want our new I.T. specialist friend to do it properly, so I will wait patiently for that to happen). Meanwhile, I'm in... well, HEAVEN!

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    Congrats on your purchase! I know and feel your excitement!
    Im so glad your 'out of the woods' now :)


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