Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Crafting and My Issues with Time

Good grief. I always underestimate the time it will take me to do a project or to run an errand, get to work on time, (get anywhere on time)... I'd been planning on doing this "bottle project" for some time. I've been collecting the old bottles and the vintage jewelry and ribbon for a long time. I figured that I could get them finished today in about 1/2 day. Well, silly me. I just got finished. They turned out wonderfully, so I'll show you a final photo with all of them later. The ones in the photo of this post, were still in progress. Most of them will be going to Vintage Roost, for the Holiday Sale, which started yesterday and runs through December 13 (Fridays and Saturdays).

Perhaps if I kept my materials all in one place that might be a good idea. I had my materials scattered throughout the house, tucked hither and yon. Hmm, probably why it took me so long to find everything. I couldn't remember where I put my stash of vintage silk ribbon. I mentioned that to Joy, and she had to tell ME where (in my own home) she thought we put them months ago when she started with me in the process of cleaning out "the work room".

The other thing I always grossly underestimate is the huge (gargantuan) mess I make while in the act of trying to create something beautiful. Yikes, it's scary isn't it? Photos of the whole completed "collection" tomorrow.


  1. sheila, your bottles (i saw the finished ones in the next post) are precious.
    i do bottles, fact, they were to be completed by now as i get ready to open my lollishop shop (velvet rain studio)but having to leave town on short notice and being gone these four weeks, the bottles I'VE been collecting are still scattered throughout my studio waiting for their adornments!

    i couldn't help but smile when i saw your chair in the kitchen at your worktable. made me giggle - we do tend to work where ever we can find the room, don't we?

    loving your blog.
    i'll add it to the ones that i follow:)
    on to read some more posts!



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