Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas 2008 Open House at Vintage Roost!

Debbie and Dee do such a great job with their shows at Vintage Roost in Albany! This one runs from November 22nd through December 13th (Fridays and Saturdays only) You won't want to miss this, their last show of the season.

The setting is amazing, and they'll be stocked full of vintage treasures and beautiful things from artisans/crafters from all around the area. I'm proud to say that I've been invited back to bring my charms. I've only made a very limited amount of Holiday/Christmas charms in order to make them more special! I have Santas and Angels... vintage images along with vintage wallpaper, words cut from vintage books, and a sprinkling of German glass glitter!

Joy stopped by last night and "reigned me in" a bit, or I wouldn't be finished soldering for the night. She figured out how long it would take me to do those I especially wanted to finish, and made me "draw the line" at that number. I don't know WHAT made her think that I would keep going and going into the night. (I do believe that's her M.O.) Thanks Joy! You are a smartie!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope your week is great and your weekend even better!

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  1. The charms sound so sweet - I know you will do well. Sue


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