Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Vintage Roost Holiday! (Only 2 more days)!

This Friday and Saturday December 12 & 13 will be the last two days of the Vintage Roost Holiday show and sale. If you haven't gone, and you can... you won't be disappointed.

When I brought a few more things by Vintage Roost on Saturday, I was just going to quietly sneak in, drop my loot, and slink back out. I had been working on ornaments all morning, and since it takes an hour to get there, I didn't want to waste more time putting on makeup, so I was hoping to be "incognito." I know, not likely for me, and of course it wasn't to be.

I met the sweetest lady with the most beautiful name. (The Mom of Debbie from Vintage Roost). Her name is Winsome. Isn't that a gorgeous name? She must have had an amazing mother herself all of those years ago to choose such an amazing name for her baby! I was instantly enchanted. She matches the dictionary meaning of her name too, winsome; Charming (adj.), pleasant, attractive, engaging, endearing, appealing. But that isn't the only thing.

This is her with Debbie, she's checking out my charms.
Oh yes, she is pretty and has a beautiful smile, and happy countenance, but Debbie told me that Winsome is really her Mom's middle name. Her real first name is Ladye! How gorgeous is THAT? Her full name is: Ladye Winsome Williams. Sounds like royalty, doesn't she? I truly think she just might be secretly a royal. She definitely is regal! I instantly adored her. Isn't it funny that Debbie's last name is still Williams too?? She was a Williams, and married a Williams! That marriage must have been meant to be! (Very convenient too, don't you think)?

Don't they have the Roost decorated beautifully? It's a full time job during this season. Things sell so quickly that they are constantly redecorating and restocking with more artist treasures.

What's that you ask? Did I buy anything (again)? Well, -okay- if you must know... yes I did buy um, a few things. This darling house box for one thing!

The little star hanging here is mine. It says "a star is born." I only have a few more left.

There are so many gorgeous things here! There are also yummy salsas, marmalades, candies and fudge. (No, I was good and didn't sample any this time)!

Of course my mainstay are my soldered charms, there is one of my angel ornaments/pendants in the tree above (click on photo to enlarge). They've sold out many of my new "angel" series, and my new edition charm which I'll tell you about after the show. (I might have to make more first)!

I have to buy a little thing or two when I go, because getting other artists' treasures that you love is one of the best parts of making things. That's a lot of what the hard work is all about. They make it convenient too. I can run a tab, and they just take it off of my earnings at the end of the show.

These are my little stars, but they really don't look like this! They are metal stars, and the glitter doesn't show up in the photo. They are really cute in person.

I openly covet this cabinet. Isn't it the cutest???

More photos from the Roost tomorrow. Have a great evening!