Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking Ahead A Season or Two

I'm always working at least 1 or 2 holidays ahead with my soldering and art. Hence the valentines. I always use vintage materials, with a few exceptions (once in ahwile using a scan) but most everything is YIKES "the real thing" all cut up. I know it sounds Sacrilegious. I figure there are plenty of the things I use in circulation (text from books, words and art from old post cards, etc.) that I'm not too worried about them becoming impossible to get (they are getting pricier though, I must admit). I consider it "recycling" and it makes my pieces One of a Kind. Hey, did you ever see these letters and wonder what they mean? OOAK. I always wondered until I asked someone on Etsy. It means "One Of A Kind" which I am sure is no surprise to you, but obviously nobody filled me in.

These two are quite odd to me, and I won't be cutting them up for charms, I will probably do some decopauge, or sell them singly at upcoming shows.

The girl valentine is shown at the top with her eyes and mouth closed, and then above (you pull on a little tab, and the rest of her face appears)! I don't know which one scares me most. Don't you find this odd?

Ok, and this one looks kind of cute at a distance, but upon closer inspection... she appears... actually I don't know what she appears to be doing with the fingers on each of her hands. Is she picking her nose and sucking her thumb at the same time? I'm stumped. She's a bit freaky to me!

And this post has been a delightful diversion to me! I've been goofing off here instead of working and I'll now get a fresh start on the cutting and glittering in the morning.
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  1. Really!!! How fun is that...I went to school with on earth did you put us together?? I'm also Lindsey (Ferriers Daughter) Aunt. How do you know Pam?? You know I have met you at Joys and at the 4th of july silverton stree faire. Laurie


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