Monday, February 9, 2009

A Little "Cheater" Decor

The DH did a great job of painting the bedroom while I was away selling my "wares" with Joy at the Quilt Show. The color is just a bit darker than it looks in the photo above. It's like a light mocha with a little bit more milk poured in. We wanted the room to be peaceful and serene (which is um, KINDA unlike me). We especially wanted the wall we face from the bed to be relaxing with not a lot of distraction, too much color or busy pictures. (Click photo to enlarge).

I got 6 gallery wrapped (fat sided with no staples showing on the sides) canvases, size 12" by 12". They look much smaller on the wall, I think. I painted all of the sides the same color as the walls. I found some scrapbooking paper that matched the colors and style of our room (at least the direction we wanted to go). I used Golden Matte Medium on the unpainted tops of the canvases and then while wet, I laid the scrapbook pieces on top, smoothing them as I went. I had a few bubbles and boo boos, but I was able to smooth them out (most of them) with my brayer. I let them dry, and voila. A symmetrical peaceful wall (yes, unlike me, but it may grow on me). I do like it.

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  1. I love your "cheater" decor idea. So very pretty. Thanks for dropping in and saying hi on my blog

  2. I love the idea of adhering scrapbook paper to the canvases; thx for sharing this.

  3. Now that is very cool. When I saw the picture I immediately recognized the paper and I was think, how the hech did she get those?? Thanks for sharing, your room looks great and I love the color.

  4. Well, I think that is a fantastic idea! I will be a copy cat :-) Thanks for the inspiration :-) Rosie


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