Saturday, February 7, 2009

Signs of Life

I have the sweetest friends! Seriously. I am very blessed. Isn't this the cutest little sign? My friend and job-share partner Deb gave this to me. How in the world did she find a "Grandmother" sign with my grandma name "Mimi"? I was flabbergasted. She told me a few weeks ago that she got me something, and that when I saw it, I would know why!

How about that? There it was in a catalog she received right in with the grandma stuff!! There was a Nana, a Grandma, and a Mimi! I am still shocked that she found such a thing, and so touched that she bought it for me. Thank you Deb! So, do you suppose she thinks I spoil my grandson or something? I'm thinking that is what it means. I can't imagine it. I have rules in this house just like I always did, even when raising my boys (ok, especially then). Alright, I'll "fess up..." She's right, it's the truth, okay?

What? The sign below, you ask? Oh, that's penned by "himself."

Last time he was here, he came in the door and went straight to "his" desk. He opened it up and said "next time I come here, this better be cleaned out." "Really," said I. "Okay then, it has only YOUR stuff in it so I'll clean it out alright." He gave me the look. My friend Kerry has another word for "the look." She calls it the "stink eye." Don'tcha love that? I'm going to start saying that, it's too funny.

Anyway, he changed his mind about ME cleaning out his desk and told me not to open it. Then with his police uniform on and all squared away, he scrawled this note in his "ticket" book, went into the kitchen, got himself a piece of tape, and slapped it on "his" desk. WELL, I guess he told ME! Ok, yes Deb knows me and she knows the truth so you might as well know too... he kind of is the boss around here. When he comes, our world totally and completely revolves around him. Whatever he wants to play, whatever he wants to do or see.... done! Seriously, I can't tell you how many times I get arrested and cuffed and thrown into jail in his bedroom (aka the guest room)... that's another story altogether. So both signs do fit! There you have it.

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  1. Too cute! I agree with your grandson, grandkids are the boss!


  2. I looooove those Mimi signs! Just wanted to let you know that you absolutely do *not* have to be doing OWOH in order to enter my OWOH giveaway... I just put your comment thru now and so your hat is in the ring, as it were :)

  3. I have you on my list now so I can follow you here, too :-)


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