Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little Antiquing in Spokane

We drove to Spokane this weekend to see my Dad and visit my brother and his family. It HAD to be last weekend because that's when our YS (youngest son if you hadn't guessed) was flying in from Denver! Hurray! We hadn't seen him since last June. I couldn't stand it much longer! He is the recently engaged son whom I mentioned here! We adore his fiancee, and the big event will be in August of 2010. Guess who the wedding planner is? (Yes, you guessed it... Joy)! She is the real deal and promised to let me help)! Hurray! Aren't we lucky?

Anyway... everytime we go to Spokane, it's mostly about the men. That's because we're out-numbered! There is my SIL Kathy, my Niece Cassidy and me. That's it for the girls! Kathy knows me, so while we were finishing brunch she suggested to the men that she and I should go do some "girl activities" together! Hurray! I would never have suggested it, because after all, we were there to see "the men." She told me about an Antique place that was doing a liquidation sale, and everything was 50% off! I need no further encouragement!

I was shooting for the huge urn here, not the cacti...

How do you like this Gargoyle-ish type thing? Yikes, me either! The moose is kind of cute in an odd sort of way though.

I thought these 3 pieces would look kinda funny in a pic together. Yeah, not so much. The lion fountain with the cherubs was really cool though!
There were some cool things, some beautiful things, some ordinary things and some VERY unusual things. Something for everyone! We went to some other fun places but I was distracted (I know, big surprise), and only got pics of the first place.

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  1. Hey, Sheila!

    Spokane and a large iron moose!

    Sounds like a fun group of gals.

    Betty :)

  2. Uuhhh! Fun antiques and a fun time! I've never been to Spokane. It looks like a fun and fab. place to visit!

  3. Sheila - so glad you like PINK! I know we should accept people who like BLUE ... and creams and WHITE ... and we DO! BUT ... PINK ROCKS!

    (I am a little stranger than most, as RED and PINK are my two favs ... and I DO put them together!)

    I'm off to Redmond later this afternoon and hope to bring back a few treasures.


    Betty :)


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