Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Remains of the Day

I know, not a pretty picture. BAD mojo going on here for me today! I am weak and shaky because I can have only clear liquids and lime jello (no diet cola, nothing red, pink or orange)for TWO days. The "procedure" isn't until tomorrow and this is my 2nd day on liquids. I think I am being scammed though! Last time I had this torture (er, procedure) I only had to do this for ONE day. Everyone else I've spoken to says the same thing, one day! They have been primarily apple juice (which I'm not wild about) and chicken broth. Anyway, I'm through worrying about that piece of birthday cake I ate the other day! That's good news!

Ok, so here I am not feeling good anyway, and drinking the liquids, yada yada. I just had a slight accident though. When I took the apple juice out of the fridge (I put it on ice so I can pretend I'm sophisticated and having a cocktail). I know... whatever!

Anyway, the bottle slipped out of my hands and fell to the floor,exploding everywhere! Including on me. (Along with the tall glass of crushed ice). I'm in my normal "day off clothes" ya know, sweats! So, I thought since I was already damaged, I might as well use the absorbent cotton material to use to begin cleaning the HUGE mess up. Off came my t-shirt, my capri sweats and cotton socks. I began the task of cleaning the mess (yes, by now I am in my underwear). I look at the living room... shade down? check, door locked? check, too late in the day for the DH to be stopping home for lunch? check.

So, I ran into the laundry room, loaded my apple juice clothes in the washer, and took out the towels from this morning to keep mopping up the mess. I got the wet up, but you know how sticky apple juice is, so I ran to the linen closet and wet a hand towel to mop up the floor and try to unstick it.

Meanwhile, my Mom (who uses a walker and not very well) had toddled over to her door to yell upstairs and ask if I'm ok since she heard the crashing. Yep, fine. Nothing to see here. Talk to ya later.

While running back into the kitchen with the SMALL hand towel, I hear footsteps coming up the walk and a key turning in the lock. Yep, the DH stopped home to pick something up. I was stuck there like a deer in the headlights. He kept saying "hello? where are you? hello?" Then he started walking toward the kitchen because the refrigerator door was hanging wide open, and there I was in the hall, frozen in terror holding up my little wet aqua hand towel. I just couldn't move, I was frozen and I felt my jaw drop. What a sight this whole scene must have been to see. When he left he told me that he hoped when he came home tonight I'd be doing better and in one piece. UGH!

What's with the card in the background? Yeah, that's the birthday card from the DH that says "To the woman I'm glad I married." Just in case he forgets!

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  1. OH my goodness! 2 days? I hope everything goes okay! Jen

  2. Thanks for the chuckle! What an adventure! I can envision the whole kitchen scene!! I hope your procedure goes well!


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