Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ta Da! A Friend Who is a Spring Chicken!

AND a talented one at that! I know, here it is, a second post in one day, and it's another one with the word "chicken" in it! These are my friend Diane's chickens in Sublimity!

I couldn't wait! I just found out that Diane now has a blog! It is sweet Diane of Molly Mo's fame! This is a momentous occasion because we've been bugging her about it for over 2 years! (She mentions one year, but nope it's 2)! How could she stand the constant nagging from all of us? No matter, she has finally done it!

Where did I get the pic? Why from her blog of course! Hop over and take a look!

Diane has beautiful shows on her gorgeous farm property and they never disappoint. She is one talented cookie and there is a show coming up! Last year they did the 3 friends show, and this year it will be the 4 friends show (of course with one more friend). It's a fun one, because you start out at one of their places, and make the rounds to all of them (Salem, Sublimity, Silverton), all in the same day! Fun! Last year I worked at Joy's as the official "cashier" so I couldn't exactly go, but that DID allow me early buying and tours the night before! I also got to talk to all of the excited people coming to Joy's and going from place to place! Fun Fun!!

I'll be posting about the actual show tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Hugs hugs and Congratulations, Diane! Welcome to blogging, you'll love it.
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  1. Thank you Sheila for your sweet comments, has it really been two years you guys have been bugging (encouraging) me? Wow, time flies when you're having fun! Hope to see you on the 21st.
    Luv ya,

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday for Met Monday. I hope you'll come back soon!
    I will check out your friend's new blog,and am looking forward to exploring yours! Do you really have 4?


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