Thursday, April 9, 2009

“Every time a mother sings, her baby gets cradled in angel wings.” -KC Willis

This is the title of the art piece we bought from KC. It's also handwritten on the bottom of the collage. (Click to see a larger picture).
And here is the artwork that goes with the quote! It is the piece I got for my anniversary! (Got to buy myself for our anniversary that is)! I think a gift you get to pick out yourself is sometimes the best kind. I certainly adore this beautiful piece of artwork from KC. You should see how professionally finished it is. It even has a special wood and wire custom hanger in the back so it hangs beautifully. I'll take a photo soon and show you where it ended up in our home.

So when KC and I first "met" sending emails back and forth, I pictured her looking kind of like me (why do we do this)? You know I wanted (er, thought) her to be the chubby early 50-something grandmotherly type like me. UM, NOPE! She is a blond bombshell! And not only is she a talented and accomplished artist, she is also a Country singer!! Yes, that's what she DID, the real deal! Is that not enough? No, I didn't think so. She is also well-traveled and has had an episode on HGTV! (Only my favorite network)! (Not kidding)! Click here to see the video!

Still not enough? She now lives in Colorado, about 25 miles West of where we lived! Longmont, Colorado to be exact. She said that she hopes I get to come and see her in her studio someday. (UM, guess what else)??? We are going to HER very town in May for my MIL's 80th birthday party!

She is a very precious lady (okay, gorgeous too), and I just can't believe I am about to take her on-line class! It's not too late for you to register! Have a look and join me at Camp! You can still get in at the early registration discount!

Oh, and can you imagine a CUTER logo?? Me either.

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  1. sheila, first of all, i LOVE your blog art. i love house of 3, too, and would really like to use one of their skins on my blog but they make it sound so complicated! i'm afraid to do it!!

    anyway, the reason i'm here is to tell you that I have nominated you for a blog award and would like for you to visit my blog and pick it up -

    have a blessed Easter, Sheila.

  2. What a beautiful blog you have...gorgeous creations! And..what a lovely artwork from KC.


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