Tuesday, June 16, 2009

See What Happens When You Look on the "Bright Side"?

I became friends with Tristan of Blah Blah Blahg fame a little over a year ago. I don't know how I came across her blog, because we are not alike at all (except that we both have Lucy Ricardo/McGillicutty tendencies). Well, we both like pretty things too, that counts!

You've seen Tristan's "Look on the Bright Side Button" on my blog for months, and I hope you've visited. She and her new sidekick Jules have created a whole world of wonderfulness, AND they have a giveaway from a different artist everyday (Every SINGLE Day)! Why? Because they believe that even in a world of so many negative things happening(especially of late), there is always a "Bright Side" and they aim to find it by gosh, and share it with all of us!

I don't know how to describe Tristan's talent but I'll give you the tip of the iceberg. She is a designer of everything haute and chic (I told you we aren't alike). Ok, we are both sassy, smart alecky types too, but that's about it, besides the fact and she is kind and tolerates me. She is young (I am old), she is gorgeous (you get the idea...) She has designed prints, all things paper including elegant invitations, accessories, fabrics, and is a perfumer as well... which means she even designs SCENTS and perfumes! Can you even imagine?? http://thebrightsideproject.com/ Speaking of perfume, guess what I won??

What else? She gives photography lessons (among other needful things) on her blog! (Oh yes, and they have created their own brand... "Besotted Brand" to be exact AND their logo is two dancing pachederms)! One of her tag lines is "Truly Madly Deeply". Doesn't that say it all? Yep, and she works in Beverly Hills! She is on a campaign to free herself of the corporate life, and with her talent, it won't be long. When I talk to the Mister about her, I say "You know, my friend Tristan from Beverly Hills..."

I adore her. Thank you Tristan. Hugs from "me" aka... (well you know Tristan, but that's our little secret, right)? I can't wait to start smelling good!

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  1. Oh....she is young AND beautiful! it would be so easy to be jealous! Nah! I'm too old for that. In awe maybe. Lucky, lucky you! I love perfumes and colognes! I bet you will smell lovely, and the containers are beautiful by themselves!

  2. How very cool! I'll run right over and check it out! Congrats on the win!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Thanks for the tip! I am going over now. I understand about how you say that to your husband. I am always saying"my friend,Sue, from California" or "Laurie from Georgia" or whatever. He just looks at me like "how do you know all these people?" Isn't blogging fun?



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