Monday, June 15, 2009

A Great Cause

Here is the piece I made and donated to the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. They are having an event this week and I was asked if I could donate a piece of my jewelry for the silent auction! Of course, I am happy to, and honored as well!

My daughter-in-law to be asked me if I would be interested! She is sooo cute and a dynamo really! They are lucky to have her there as an employee. The event sounds like fun, huh? "Seafood and Sandals" is the event. What a worthy cause. The proceeds of this event will help to fund the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp. This camp enables kids who normally wouldn't be able to have a camp experience because of their medical problems with epilepsy to attend and have a great time. It looks like a wonderful and worthwhile experience for these kids!

I'm very excited for Kristen. How wonderful it would be to work at a job with such a positive focus! Among other things, she trains public safety responders about what it looks like when someone may be having a seizure instead of what could look like fighting or resisting, and provides other educational information about Epilepsy as well. We're proud of you, Kristen!

(Did I tell you how CUTE she is)? They aren't big photo "senders" but I'll post a pic of her soon!


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  1. Sheila!

    So good to be back home a trying to get caught up with blog reading. Your posts had me laughing and feeling MUCH BETTER. Girl, you are awesome, and thanks for sharing the stuff that drives us crazy! Isn't it nice when the "someday we'll look back at this and laugh" can come sooner rather than later?


    Betty :)

  2. What a great cause! How much fun you will have! Hugs,Lisa

  3. Anyone would be lucky to own such a wonderful piece! I bet it goes for big bucks at their silent auction!


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