Saturday, June 13, 2009

Omigosh! S.O.S.!

Ok, you all know how I LOVE old bottles, right? Old ones, and only pretty newer ones. You know how I made these little numbers at Christmas time for Vintage Roost and for gifts, right? I love them!

I also came across a pretty one in our pantry last month. The glass of this bottle is actually AQUA! I love the label too. So, when I noticed it and looked at it a little closer, I figured I'd keep it and eventually borrow someone's glass saw (have ya got one laying around?), cut it up and make some cool soldering projects with it! A couple of times I've said to the Mister "Hey Hon, please don't throw that gin bottle away." Which to me, is code for "I'll be needing it for an art project soon. I thought he understood same. You know, we RARELY (seriously) rarely ever drink (Say 1-2 glasses of wine or margarita, little cocktail per month). That is 1-2 per month, people).

So when I opened the pantry yesterday and noticed THIS I nearly died! True, we are both under stress with "parental" issues (repeat after me.... I will buy long term health care insurance, I will buy long term health care)... The poor guy must think I'm "hitting the sauce!" OMG, poor guy! He apparently thought the stress finally got to me, and laid in a supply for me!

I do have issues, (I'm a stress eater, a happy eater, an angry eater, a soulful eater, well you get the picture...) but I do not have the -failin (which = the "failing" which is "Irish talk" for drinking problem).

So just a bit ago, this is what happened here: My Mom came home from rehab (the Nursing Home) at 11 a.m. today, nearly 3 weeks from the ambulance ride to Intensive Care. An hour ago I decided I needed a nap. I heard the Mister answer our phone and then run downstairs. In a panic I stormed through the house and downstairs. What's wrong??? I said. "Oh nothing, the nurse just wanted to talk to your Mom so I told her to call at your Mom's number. (Not a good idea). So after she hung up with the nurse, we asked her what the nurse wanted and she said "something about when and where to get my blood tested" she said. "So, what about it then? When and where?" I said. "I forgot"she says but it's Monday I think." Ugh.

I just got upstairs and sat in my "easy" chair to take a breather. Well, that was not to be. That's right, less than 4 hours home, and she's already pushed the Life Line button! The only time she has done it before is the night the ambulance came when she almost died. They called me on my phone and said "this is Life Line" and your Mother needs you, can you get there right away?" "Of course" I yelled "I'm on my way downstairs to her now." "She needs us!" I hollered breathlessly. Downstairs we ran. "Mom! Mom?! Where are you?" The lifeline people were still talking but downstairs on her speaker this time. "I'm in here, in the bathroom, I need you." "I'm here, I'm here said I. "What is it?" There she was sitting on the toity. "I need some fresh panties!" she yelled. Whew. Breathe. "Take a deep breath I say to myself, she's okay." (All of this for panties, what next)?

It didn't get much better from there. "HONEY, do we have any limes?????"

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  1. Love your bottles!! I hope you find something to do with the gin in the bottle!!

  2. Love those bottles, I have seen them a the Roost and thought they were very cute :)

  3. Omygoodness Sheila!!!! Girl, you deserve limes and whatever goes with it!!!!! You are such a hoot!!! I do love the glass on those bottles though, save them for sure ~ I hope you're having a wonderful weekend sweetie, xxoo, Dawn

  4. Girl....I hate to tell you this....but it only gets worse from here! I know, NOT what you wanted to hear! It's difficult I know, been there done that. Your bottles are beautiful! Keep yourself busy, it helps.

  5. Oh my!! I hope things have calmed down! Do you need me to send another bottle and a few limes? I'm so glad that you can still laugh about everything, that's why I love ya!


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