Friday, June 12, 2009

Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte!

And there she was. Bundled in a bag with a tiny dolly blankie, a hat, 2 mismatched dancin' shoes and a plastic crackerjack charm. She called to me from the thrift store table. Yoo, Hoo, over here! I had to take her home, she was so cute and cheap! I mean, inexpensive! How rude of me! Look at those rosebud lips! SO cute, heart shaped rosebud lips just like my niece Cassidy's. (I'm thinking she doesn't read my blog because I'm old and boring, so I'm safe) OH MY!
What's this I see when I take Charlotte out of her suffocating baggie? Um, yeah. Headless. There's a bunch of glue there but it obviously didn't hold! Is there a better business bureau for thrifting?!
Look at her pretty little vintage dress! Her golden blonde locks? What was I supposed to think? That she was a good deal, that's all! And a... oops another "boo boo". What a tacky way to try and bandage a dolly's leg. Geez! It IS a femur fracture after all!

Of course covered by said pretty vintage dress! Aha! I think serious mischief was afoot in the packaging of this dolly! A bit misleading, don'tcha think?

Oh yeah, and what's up with those "dancin' shoes"? I didn't care that the gold lame' one didn't match the pink one, but seriously people! Look at the size of these clodhoppers next to her feet! What an insulting blow to poor Charlotte. A cruel trick by a rogue "packager" no doubt! Those shoes are bigger than her derriere! Imagine that in real life!

Oh well, you've never known me to buy a whole doll anyway. Just parts. Heads, legs, arms and the occasional hand. Ok, I suppose she'll fit in better this way around here anyway.
I don't know what Charlotte did to bring herself to such a tragic end, I'm guessing she was like me... a spunky girl that just couldn't HUSH!

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  1. Charlotte is another scarey doll head/leg/arm to join the other disjointed/fragmented group of gals you hang with...

    Sounds like my kinda fun! Let's get "together" lol I really "crack" myself up.

  2. Your stuff is cute!! Sorry about Charlotte! I love the milk glass too!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Goodness -- poor little thing! She is still a cutie though. Hope her head made it back onto her body with some better glue! Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog!

    Hugs, Kim


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