Sunday, August 23, 2009

More from Molly Mo's yesterday!

The darling Larena in her booth, she is so sweet! Don't you love that green cabinet too?

Some of these I got mixed, so please forgive if I've gotten another booth in with yours...

This was a great booth, and I had never met this lady before. Her name is Chandra and she is "Shabby to Chic Designs" she doesn't have a blog yet, but I know she will soon!

Very pretty... Kindred Roses below. I met Julie, but not Christa... they were kind of in different areas but they are in business together.
This is the "Julie part" of "Kindred Roses" we had never met before either. Diane (Molly Mo) always has a wonderful mix of vendors!
Below is my purchase! (The large wide piece... white and gold). Can you tell what it is? Can you guess what I'll use it for? Susan Dockins made it, and I just loved it! Susan's sister and niece had a booth together, and they were so darling! I don't think they have a blog yet, but they are Cindy's Mother, Aunt and niece (Cindy of Tarte), so you know that family has a huge amount of talent!

This is a darling booth too, but I lost track! Can you blame me? So many cool things to see!
Diane's (Molly Mo's) outside of her shop.
Out of order... cute below... you get my "drift" right?

Below are some of Martha's goodies (Vintage Trifles)... more treats from her booth tomorrow!
This was from the same booth I loved where I bought my big mystery piece! (Cindy's Mom, Aunt and Niece). They are very talented!
Martha from Vintage Trifles below...

The front of Diane's barn/shop with the hostess herself! Doesn't she look cute and well... "hostess-y"?
Diane's cute chicken house! They must be happy in that cute little place!

Below are pics of Diane's on the inside...

What ideas she has! Just awesome! More below...

Can you tell what this one says? She wrote on the window. "Next Show Nov. 7th!"

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  1. Super! Thanks for all the great pics! I've loved spending time looking at it all!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Thanks for all the fun to see your pix. Have a good week. Sandi

  3. Wow. What a lot of goodies. Your pictures are beautiful. I LOVE the shutters on #18 photo. What did you come away with?

  4. Loved the show so much! I was their photographing the event and I think your product was my favorite thing to shoot! Take a look here:

    I have another shot of one of your pieces but I have to wait til Tuesday to post! Thanks again!


  5. Sheila- the pictures are beautiful! Need to do my own post soon, I'm still recovering!!

    What a fantastic show, I'm so glad you could make it and brought your lovely charms. Thanks for everything, you're a super friend.



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