Monday, August 24, 2009

Molly Mo's Chapter 3!

Oh my gosh, aren't these owls in this color scheme the cutest ever?! They are the handiwork of Carol Curtis whom I know and adore. She is an amazing lady and an awesome seamstress and quilter. She is one of the kindest people I've ever met, she's always a hoot (no pun intended, Carol!), and she is always happy. She has twin grandsons the same age as my grandson (Oh my, how DO you do it?), and I was finally able to meet her beautiful daughter (mother of said twins, who were having their 6th birthday party that day)!

Besides that, Carol and I are about the same age (I think!) and have the same color hair! Oh yes we do! It's just that she is brave and has let her hair grow out in that beautiful shimmering shiny white gray. It is beautiful. Yes, I know mine is multi-colored, but I'm trying to keep people guessing! Besides, my stylist is also a punk rocker, so I have some unusual colors in there always. What the heck, I say. (But still I long for the white... I'm afraid mine has mousy gray and brown mixed in, I can't chance it yet)!
Look at the beautiful browns and aqua, creams and blush... so pretty! Look at the pins above as well. They are fabric with beautiful pearls in the center! Why didn't I buy one??? I have my eye on the white one with the pink pearls next time we meet!

Look at these beautiful pieces! Carol is just as beautiful. She doesn't have a blog (yet), but I'm workin' on her.
Martha of Vintage Trifles had a great booth too. Her white is so refreshing and relaxing, I love it. She is a very gifted artist too, and is attentive down to the tiniest detail!
Here's a nice picture of her!
Aren't her beautiful things to die for?
I'd like them all, please! Yes, the glass greenhouse too!
See the corseted lady? The doll heads (you know how I love doll parts!) are pretty too. She also had pearls galore, ribbons, feathers and fluff.
Look at the tiny vintage paper wedding cake below. Have you EVER??? I know, me either!
I also ran in to my friend Debbie from Vintage Roost in Albany. I post about her shows all the time, and I am lucky enough to be one of the artists she features there. She has the fall show weekends coming up and I'll be posting about it soon!
And usually if you run into Debbie at a show... cutie patootie De is not far behind! She is a doll too and we have a lot in common as well.

Besides being beautiful there, the weather was perfect. Warm, with a lovely breeze. I was there for a bit in the a.m., but I hear it was perfect all day!

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  1. Oh! I wish that I lived closer. What wonderful vendors at the show. Thank you for the photos. Sandi

  2. Sheila, You are just too sweet! We need to meet to discuss your cart liner. Give me a call and we can make time. Hugs, M.

  3. I loved all of the things at Carol's booth as well and even bought a table runner from her. I was hoping she had a blog!

  4. That looks like so much fun! Love, love, love, that little blue and green owl!!


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