Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Remains of the Day

What a great idea I had! There was an event in our town last Friday, and one of the activities was a "bike rodeo"... you know the type... bike safety and a little safety town. There were other activities for the community, including face painting and games, and free lunch so I thought it would be a great idea to take my grandson Brock, and Joy's son Sam there! Sure, that was a great idea! I told Joy and Dave to drop Sam by earlier in the morning, and then when it was time to leave, the boys would ride their bikes and I would walk behind them! I would get exercise and sunshine and it would be more fun for the boys than tossing the bikes and helmets in the truck and having to park, etc.

"Why" I wondered, did Joy roll her eyes and say "are you sure?" when I told her our mode of transportation to our fun destination? Hmm, she doesn't get it, I supposed. Fun fun! (Right)... The pic above is after we got home... (Brock thought it would be cool to show that he has his back to the camera because he is displaying his flashing bicycle light on the back of his hat)... Yep, they did tell me he passed the safety test, so I'm going with that!

So, the walk... well it didn't go as planned. The boys had strict instructions that if (yeah right) they reached a street corner on their bikes before I had walked that far, they would stop at each block and wait for me. That lasted about 2 blocks. AND neither one of them knew which way to go, but apparently they didn't think that was important (and they "couldn't hear" me yelling at them to stop and wait). Sheesh. When we finally arrived, Sam saw an ambulance (there to test blood pressures, etc.) and he wondered if it was there in case someone got hurt in the "rodeo"? I think he believed (and why wouldn't he)? that there were also horses involved!! The poor guy!

Did I mention that I walked about one block before I discovered that my newish "walking type" shoes started killing my arches, but I couldn't go change them because the boys were too far ahead (yes, they "forgot" the first rule). Lots of fun packets of prizes were given out and the boys had a great lunch! Me? Well, no lunch for me, I was standing up watching their bikes, because by that time, that was the least of their worries. (The shoes got no easier to walk or stand on... don't try this at home... wear shoes that are already broken in)!

This is their "cool and tough" look on the back patio when we (finally, thank Heavens) rode and hobbled home. We brought all of their booty from the day to the back patio. This is their "cool dude bicycle rider" pose together.

This is the big fat mess 'er the wonderful bounty of their day... (which included those cool hats they're wearing and a lot more stuff, believe me)!
And this? A big wet spot of soda pop (which attracts flies and ants, by the way) and my poor feet! I thought I would never walk again.
And Joy: Sam did tell me that he isn't supposed to drink soda anymore. I tried to have him get water, really I did. At least before I was handicapped with pain. After that, it was "anything goes!" Besides, he told me that brand of soda was "special" and didn't have as much sugar as most pop. I'm sorry, I'll try harder next time (if I have comfortable shoes on... otherwise, all bets are off)!

Ohhh, and p.s. the boys wanted to stop at a garage sale on the way home! Nobody actually yelled at them for trying out that skateboard, but made it very clear they should put it back! (Good for her, I was barely breathing by then)... HOWEVER, the boys bought (with my money) some lovely gifts for their Mommies (and me). So sweet! Joy's gift was a set of bright gold silk, elbow length gloves and a soap dispenser with big gold flowers! (Like I told you, I tried with these boys... heaven knows I tried)! If you don't believe me, Joy almost ended up with a huge green glass liberty full of men's cologne and a cluster of those big plastic grapes... orange! (I know... I hope she appreciates me for that)!

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  1. Oh my gosh....good time...!!
    The boys look like they had the time of their lives though...don't ya think!! So really, it was successful!!

  2. Your poor feet. I could relate to the story of the boys going ahead, they are just so focused that they go into brain fog I think. My grandsons always like to be way ahead, and mommy has to coral them back in. The treasures from the garage sale, they know what their mommy's like, huh?

  3. WOW! You had a day! Sorry about your feet! Glad the boys had a fun time!
    Hugs, Lisa


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