Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Pretty Things from Charlotte's Brocante

This is the last of the things I bought at Charlotte's Brocante a few weekends ago. They are a birthday present to Joy, but I didn't want to show you all before I gave them to her. They are porcelain pots from France (vintage 1800s). Aren't they cute? Perfect colors (well for girls like us)!

Speaking of Joy, I went to her house for a little crafting today.  It was so much fun!  Lisa from A Thing For Roses was there as well, and she is so cute and funny (she made yummy turkey, bacon, avocado wraps for us too)! 

We shared some vintage supplies with each other and whipped up a little Christmas!

I don't have anything to show you yet, as Joy sent me home when my arm started hurting.  I left all of my things (and my junk too) and just came home.  How nice is it to have a friend who lets you come play, make a mess, play with her toys and then leave with the mess still there?!  When I go finish, I can just show up, sit down and pick up right where I left off.

Oh yes, "the" arm (shoulder).  Well, it turns out that my rotator cuff is torn after all (ugh), so I start physical therapy this week, and I will be diligent, because I sure don't want to have surgery.  I hear it is a hard one.  Yikes.

Warm Hugs,

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  1. Oh, Sheila! Torn rotator cuff! Perhaps some of the physical therapy could include relaxation via visiting Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Monticello, and other places decor'd up for the holidays .... and so lovely that catching your breath would be increased oxygen, too! Just sayin' ....
    Take care, sweetie, and so glad your "Joy angel" is there helping, too!
    Betty :)

  2. Wow, what an awesome gift! I think I'd use them strictly as decoration, they're too special to cook with!

  3. Those little french pots are adorable! Are they measuring cups?



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