Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Usually Can't Stand Exposure!

Exposure of televisions, that is. (Or exposure of the fireplace... isn't this little screen cute?  I got it recently at an Antique Mall).  But, I digress.  The television thing... it has bugged me for years, I've always used an armoire. My husband isn't wild about having the armoire in our current living room because it is a behemoth he thinks it takes up too much room and makes the living room look cramped and small. 

Well, I love my armoire, and he said I could have it in my workshop downstairs instead whenever I finally get my act together and get that place organized already! whenever I want to replace it with something to hold the television.

Hmmm, the wheels started turning...  "I DID just buy those cute vintage chicken coops from Joy" I thought to myself.  She had called me the day before telling me that she had them in her truck and would bring them right over to me!  (How is THAT for great customer service)?!  "Well, he is home today," I said.  (Which is code for Omigosh!  No, don't do that, he took the day off today and doesn't know yet that I have bought them).  Don't you love your friends who know your "code" language?  (Love you Joy)!  I was thinking about telling him, just couldn't figure out how to explain to him that I planned to "decorate" our home with 2 very old chicken coops (complete with old feathers)...  (Remember however, they are painted a very light chippy aqua)!  I mean seriously, how could I pass them up?  I had been looking for some for over a decade!

The DH has pretty much given up trying to have any input into decor decisions.  He says that he always likes how it turns out anyway, so why worry?  But chicken coops!  Did I ever mention that he is prone to allergies of all sorts and that he likes a very clean house?  I finally got up the nerve and spilled it to him.  He said, "sure, good idea!"  (I promise you, he really said that)!  He jumped in the truck and headed over to Joy's to get them.  No problem!  He even came home and cleaned them before he brought them in the house.  (Well, you know he would)! 

So even though it has taken me months to show you and to admit that my television is exposed to the world...  here it is in all it's gargantuan glory.  (It isn't yet properly fixed up with cute things right now, because I'm transitioning to Holiday).

I know, I know but Hey Debbie, finally here are my coops!  I'm just getting the nerve to show them!  (Debbie has a coop too)!  I'll get her to share a picture with us.  She's still in Denver, and I'm not, so I haven't even seen hers yet.  I bet it is gorge!!  (Maybe not as gorgeous as aqua, but very cool, nonetheless)!

What's that you ask? Where are the photos of the workroom with the armoire in it? People! You know I have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder! I'm far too delicate to put things in tubs, label them and put them on shelves.... as you might imagine. (Ouch)! (Besides, most of you don't know that I have been "talking" about doing this project ad nauseum for years). Ok, I admit it, it's still a mess. I'm making a list of volunteer organizers/helpers, so you just let me know and I'll sign ya right up)! Darn, let this be a pathetic warning be a lesson to you... don't procrastinate! (You could tear or break something, then you'll really be stuck with your own mess)!  :)

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  1. Good morning, my friend -
    I love the sneek peek of your home and the chicken coops and fireplace screen are wonderful. So glad you finally got them. As for coming to help clean your workroom? Well, you know I have a sore knee and I'm getting older by the minute so I'll pass! Seriously, though, it would be such fun. But I'm not sure how much work would get done!

  2. Love, love, love your coops!! Your's are much cuter than mine! Mine is just stained and I keep berry garland (change with the seasons) around the inside-bottom. The Grand-kids love it because they can use it as a racetrack for their little cars. The dings just add character! I love seeing pictures of your home, it's such a reflection of you!

    Love ya,

  3. Brave gir! I would never in a thousand years have thought to bring a chicken coop into the house to hold my tv but your idea is absolutely stunning and chique too! Plus that fireplace screen is wonderful too.
    Great idea! The color of the coops just makes it fit into your lovely home.

  4. That makes such a cute TV stand (great color!). Thanks for stopping by and for the holiday wishes. Hope yours are the best too and that you enjoy being with your "adopted" family. Have a good night...

    pk @ Room Remix

  5. They are so cute in your house and even cuter in person I might add! BTW I did pressure wash those chicken coops before I sold them... But you know I would leave a few feathers to let people know they were authentic...
    Sign me up for craft room organizing , but get us life preservers, you know we could drown in the sea of Good Intentions...

  6. Right! We had to know they were authentic! You know -we- always drown in the sea of good intentions. Lisa confirmed our suspicions last week. You and I are too "distractable" for our own good! You are so precious, but what are you thinking? You are the busiest person I know, you don't have time for that sorting and arranging business! You've helped me in there before and I think that fulfills your friend "sorting and organizing for friends" commitment for a lifetime at least!

  7. Who wouldn't love to have some chippy, aqua colored chicken coops?! Feathers are fine....just no poop!
    Sorry to hear that your arm is still hurting...hope it feels better soon. ANd have a wonderful, blessed THanksgiving! xoxo


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