Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Think Some of Our Angels are Human Too!

One of my "human" angels is one of my lifelong friends Deb from Denver.  (Jason from my previous post was her son).  I know she was an angel to him as well, and of course to her hubby, her darling daughter Shelby and and darling grandchildren Delainey and Brady.  She's one of my angels too.  She knows me so well and we have always been able to talk about anything, and we've cried and laughed together for many years.

Last week, a package came in the mail and when my husband brought it in, I said to myself "uh-oh" what did I order now that could get me in trouble?  (Or at least have to explain)!  But it was a beautiful gift from my darling friend Deb!  I was so surprised!  Inside was the most beautiful table cloth that was given to her by her favorite Aunt many years ago. She loves it, but it just isn't her style or colors, so she didn't use it, she just admired it whenever she got something out of her hoosier.  Her style is Americana/Rustic/red white and blue (I must show you pics, because harangue her as I do, she still hasn't started a blog)!  It's so pretty inside and out!

Well, it goes perfectly in my home and with my things. So since you can't be here, I "set the table" for you Deb, so you can see how wonderfully it works with my things!

In the picture above on the right is my Paternal Grandmother's china...

A closer picture of the tablecloth below...

In the photo below, on the left are a few pieces of my Maternal Grandmother's china (a few pieces on loan from my Mom).  :)

The card with the pretty pink flowers on it is also a beautiful picture of some of the flowers from Debbie's garden. 

Isn't it beautiful?  Embroidered and pieced together with crocheted lace!

Below I wanted to show you how well it goes with my dining furniture...

Isn't it perfect?  You know what else?  I didn't have a tablecloth to fit the table!  At Thanksgiving we had to use an old quilt top since I didn't have a tablecloth!  Well, now I DO!  (A wee miracle I think, don't you)?

The pretty roses below are from my son Bill and our grandson Brock.  They brought them for Thanksgiving.  (So precious.  Brock was trying to hide them from me behind his back standing on my front porch.  A precious memory too)!

There you have it (Eva's china on the left and Alice's china on the right).  I -know- neither of them would ever have dreamed of having their things on the table -together- but that's a story for another day!

Most of all, I'm trying to say:

And I do!  Thank you Deb what a precious gift from the heart you gave me!  I will think of your Aunt Marie every time I use it.  And thank you to Brock and Bill for the beautiful roses!  You know I'll dry them and have them always.  Thank you to all of my angels (human and otherwise)!

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  1. Beautiful! The table cloth is where it was meant to be, Great Aunt Marie would be thrilled! I can't believe how well it goes with all of your china. It makes my heart smile!

    Love you lots,

  2. I love the table cloth. I is perfect on your table. The one question I have is, does the food fall off the plate when the are at that angle?? hehehe.. I also have friends that I see often and can't imagine living without (such as yourself) but I agree there are friends that I have had for almost 50 years.. (yikes) that mean the world to me and we just pick up where we left off with years between visits.


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