Thursday, February 25, 2010

Something I Want and Other Silliness!

Did you ever look for something... could be anything... and then you find something that will fill the bill but it's too expensive?  I started out looking for an unusual container for my coffee beans.  I'm "streamlining" (trying to... okay, thinking of doing so, and have started... a little)! Anyway, although my kitchen canisters are darling, I honestly only use just one... for the coffee beans. So instead of 3 or 4 flowered canisters, I found the one above.  Isn't it darling??  It's really a bird seed pail, but I adore it.  Isn't the label "to die for" too?  It's perfect for me!  It says "bird seed in exchange for a song." Isn't that sweet and romantic (not to mention clean and white)?

My aforementioned current canisters by Rosie B. Farmer: (photo courtesy of shabby
(I have the pink, yellow, green and blue as pictured above).  I know they are too cute, but I've had them for seven years, and I need a change)...

So "what's the problem", you ask? "Hush up and buy it and get on with life", you say? Well, therein lies the problem. Guess what the price is?? $59.95! There is no way in this world I could ever justify such a thing (and more importantly, nor could the DH). Spending that kind of money for a pail!  Basically a b-u-c-k-e-t,  I tell you!  I know I could paint one, but it wouldn't be the same.

Yes, my birthday is coming up, but seriously... you know how I operate...  I asked for a fun art class (at Terri's studio in Chehalis) for my birthday months ago, to be held in March, which I am very thrilled about... more on that later.  My Mom wanted to celebrate my birthday together with the birthdays of 2 of my brothers while they were here visiting her, because we were all together (which is rare) since our birthdays are all in March.  She was sooo sweet and gave me a little cashola... but I bought the bedroom lamps "of my dreams" (they were on sale for $12.99 apiece... photos coming), and two Somerset publications  the red hot second I received it after thinking through said purchases very carefully.  Thanks Mom! So anyhoo... back to the search for a different coffee bean container which could make my heart sing!  I know it's silly to want one little unimportant thing... (some may say frivolous... but they don't get it)!  I think it's okay to be so silly once in awhile.

What silly and unnecessary object do you covet?


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  1. If you take one or more of your older pieces that you can bare to part with.... to a consignment shop....

    then you will feel a lot better about buying your lovely canister!

    Good luck!

    it is a very cute coffee bean holder indeed! :)

  2. Something that makes your heart sing is never frivolous. I bet you can make a substitute with a darling bird and the saying modge podged on a cute metal container. Kay

  3. Kay, you are so sweet and cute! I'm sure you're right and I'll come up with a reasonable substitute. :)

    Big Hugs,

  4. Oh, the canister is lovely, and so is your blog!!

  5. Yes, such a dilemma, you know if you buy it , you will love it, but every time you look at it you will remember you paid too much. But if you don't buy it, you will forever wish you had, and if you settle for something else, every time you look at it you will wish you had got the one you really wanted... Trust me I know how this works...
    Love you!
    Oh what the heck buy it, just don't tell DH how much it was!

  6. It is so fun to pick out our own birthday present, don't you think? Have fun. Happy early birthday. Florence

  7. OHHHH I want the canister tooooo It is way to sweet I love the saying also would love to use that on some art too!!


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